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Farhad Azima

Chairman & CEO, Aviation Leasing Group

Chairman & CEO, Aviation Leasing Group

Since 1981, Mr. Azima has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aviation Leasing Group of Companies (ALG). ALG is directly involved in airline operations and technical support of the aviation industry. The Group currently owns, operates, and/or manages over 50 aircraft, many of which are operated by ALG’s associated company Buffalo Airways.

fazimaFarhad Azima is Chairman of Buffalo Airways which, in addition to its airline operations, conducts a sophisticated training program which includes training for the FAA, a number of other airlines, and training for the U.S. Navy E6 program, a program which is also under consideration by the U.S. Air Force.

The Company specializes in creating turnkey airlines and provides services to clients in South America, Africa, St. Lucia, a number of USSR Republics, the U.S. and Canada. Services include aircraft leasing, procurement, financing, management, training, operations and technical support, and automation.

In 1976, Mr. Azima founded Global International Airways, a large U.S. carrier, providing passenger and cargo service worldwide. Global operated an all Boeing fleet including 747s, 707s and 727s. Mr. Azima held the positions of President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer during the ten years of operation. Concurrent to his participation in Global, in 1982, he acquired the controlling interest in Capital Air, a U.S. scheduled air carrier with domestic and international operations. Mr. Azima served as Chairman. Capital’s operation included a large maintenance base for major aircraft overhaul located in Smyma, Tennessee. Both the airline and maintenance operations were sold in 1985.

Mr. Azima’s experience prior to the founding of Global International Airways includes the organization of major aviation support services for airline operations in the Middle East. This company later became a major transporter of livestock by air. Other activities in non-aviation fields include heavy industry, cement plants.

Mr. Azima achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Business Administration from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, and is fluent in English, Farsi, Turkish, and has knowledge of Arabic and Russian. He and his wife Lynda have two daughters, Lila who is a student at Boston University, and Jennifer. Lynda received a Master’s Degree from the University of Kansas in 1967, and taught in the Kansas City school system and at the University of Kansas until 1973. Mr. Azima maintains residences in Kansas City, New York and London.

The operation of group companies is directed from Kansas City for the Americas and the international operations are headquartered in London.

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