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The AtaHolding Open Joint Stock Company, which started operating in 2003, makes investments in different organizations operating in various spheres of the economy, manages financial and intellectual resources and carries out corporate management. These resources, a part of which are comprised of foreign capital, are channeled mainly into the financial, industrial, telecommunications and IT, services, tourism, oil & gas, and energy spheres. Work at all the enterprises that belongs to the AtaHolding group of companies is based on high professionalism, new technologies and corporate management principles.

In 2006, the management system of AtaHolding OJSC was certificated by the international company Bureau Veritas in accordance with ISO 9000 standards. The purpose of the holding is to make effective use of Azerbaijan's physical and intellectual resources, to make investments to create new jobs, to ensure that shareholders, employees and customers are pleased and as a result, to support Azerbaijan's welfare and economic development. The AtaHolding OJSC closely participates in socially-oriented programs, charity events, supports projects with the aim of developing the country's culture, arts and increasing the level of education.

The companies of the holding are working to develop the country's economy and increase people's social welfare. AtaHolding, which intends to win international recognition by establishing partnership and joint ventures with international companies, has already opened its representative office in Georgia. 

Company website: www.ataholding.az

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