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Nobel Oil Group of Companies is a rapidly growing oil and gas upstream and integrated operating services group, active in Azerbaijan since 2005.

In the Upstream segment, a Nobel Oil Group affiliate has been participating in exploration and pilot production in the Umid offshore gas-condensate field since 2008. The Umid field was discovered in 2010 and it is likely to contribute significant gas and condensate production to Azerbaijan's petroleum balance during the coming years and open new horizons for bright energy future of the country.

With development of new technologies, and in its spirit of innovation, the Group is actively exploring opportunities in previously untapped unconventional resources in the region.

We also provide a wide range of Services to the oil and gas and other industries. The Group is proficient in project management, procurement and logistics, installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance activities.

Our premier drilling affiliate has delivered about 30 deep productive oil and gas wells over the past 5 years.

Project management affiliates have delivered two offshore compressor station projects under "turnkey" terms, with subsequent service support. Currently, we are working on an offshore gaslift project and an offshore power generation plant for our customers.

Our key capability is in:

  • Working with NOCs in various capacities, i.e. as an upstream partner and as a vendor
  • Drilling services
  • Project management and integration
  • In general, bringing new technology to add value in the region's energy sector.

Nobel Oil Group is committed to perform services in compliance with international standards, understanding of customer operating needs and corporate culture.

Our group provides a core of highly experienced staff and specialists who structure innovative, tailored and reliable solutions for all projects, completing them on time and within the approved budget.
Company website: www.nobeloil.com 
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