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The U.S. - Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce distributes a weekly online newsletter informing the USACC membership and its wider audience of important economic and political developments in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region. The newsletter gathers the most important news stories from both international and Caspian region media outlets to create an information source tailored to the interests of USACC members and with a focus on business opportunities in Azerbaijan.

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July 14, 2016 Tax Free Rules Approved
July 14, 2016 Azerbaijan Creates a Special Commission for Improving Business Environment
July 14, 2016 Turkey to Build Logistics Center for BTK Railway
July 11, 2016 EBRD Approves Loan for Azerbaijan’s Caspian Marine Services
July 05, 2016 Azerbaijani President Congratules President Obama
June 27, 2016 Southern Gas Corridor to Ensure Azerbaijan's Economic Profits
June 27, 2016 ADB Allocates $1 Million for of Azerbaijan’s Largest Gas Field
June 23, 2016 U.S. Seeks to Strengthen Mechanism of Dialogue with Azerbaijan
June 23, 2016 President: US-Azerbaijan Relations are at a Very High Level
June 22, 2016 EBRD to Double Investments in Azerbaijani Cement Plant
June 22, 2016 CBA to Pursue Flexibility Rise Policy
June 17, 2016 Introduction of Tax Free System in Azerbaijan
June 15, 2016 President Aliyev Offers Condolences to Barack Obama over Orlando Shooting
June 15, 2016 U.S.-Azerbaijan Open Skies Agreement Enters Into Force
June 14, 2016 Azerbaijan’s Parliament Approves Rules of Issuing E-visas
June 14, 2016 15 Projects Awarded Investment Promotion Document
June 13, 2016 Foreign Company to Assist in Creation of Baku FTZ
June 13, 2016 OPEC Reveals Azerbaijan’s Oil Production Forecasts
June 09, 2016 New Policy to Be Applied in Agro Sphere
June 07, 2016 Azerbaijan to Purchase Thousands of Freight Cars
June 02, 2016 Visa to Azerbaijan Simplified: Online, within 3 Days
June 02, 2016 IMF Welcomes Restructuring of Azerbaijani Bank Sector
June 02, 2016 Azerbaijan’s State Oil Fund Sells $50M at Auction to Local Banks
June 01, 2016 ONGC Videsh, Azerbaijan's SOCAR Look to Jointly Sell Oil
June 01, 2016 Azerbaijan Weighs $1 Billion-Eurobond Sale to Fund EU Gas Link
June 01, 2016 Caspian Oil & Gas 2016 Exhibition Opens in Baku
June 01, 2016 EBRD Implemented 30 Projects Worth $270m in Azerbaijan
May 18, 2016 Construction of $45bln Strategic Pipeline Launched
May 18, 2016 US Remains Committed to Supporting Southern Gas Corridor
May 18, 2016 President Ilham Aliyev Met with US Secretary of State John Kerry

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