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Turkey’s Biggest Defense Industry Company May Invest in Azerbaijan

Turkey's biggest defense industry company, ASELSAN, ranked 67th in the world, is planning to expand relations with Azerbaijan.

Currently cooperating with Azerbaijan's armed forces and defense industry, ASELSAN is now working on new projects.

A variety of electro-optic systems, communication tools and radars made by ASELSAN are used by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

The company is working to realize new projects as well. Based on a protocol of intent signed in September between ASELSAN and the Alov plant of the Ministry of Defense Industry (MDI), various thermal sights will be produced in Azerbaijan. At the same time, the company is working with the Azerbaijani MDI on the project of joint production of communication systems. ASELSAN has offered Azerbaijan TASMUS-2 system, the newest version of Tactical Area Communications System (TASMUS).

"TASMUS system that we offer to Azerbaijan will provide continuous and reliable communication services between all forces. The forces will be able to use reliable and digital communications, command and control management functions will be provided. Moreover, benefits will be available in terms of ensuring compliance between Azerbaijani and Turkish Armed Forces. The second field that we can offer to Azerbaijan is radar and electronic systems", said Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASELSAN Hasan Canpolat.

He stressed that the company stands ready to offer all these systems and equipment to Azerbaijan: "We have never regarded Azerbaijan as a foreign country. If needed, we are ready for direct investments or partnerships and technology transfer".

Source: News.Az

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