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Intel Ready to Work in Azerbaijan

Intel Company is ready to work in Azerbaijan, using the resources of its global partners network, Alexey Sleptsov, the company's official in charge of selling server components said.

Sleptsov said the network includes such companies as Asus, HP, Dell and other vendors, which have already consolidated their positions in the Azerbaijani IT-market.

"We do not have yet a partner and distribution network in Azerbaijan. The country has no local integration, which is mainly due to the fact that the deployment of production does not seem profitable for major vendors. The reason is the high wages that cannot compete with those of Chinese "specialists" who are willing to work for $200," he noted.

Deployment of production, he believes, should be viewed through two points: business interests and interests of the country. "When talking about the latter, we need to raise the country to a higher level," he said.

"When established, our company in Azerbaijan would be the first one in the region. The closest factory is located in Turkey. In order to form its own production, Azerbaijan needs to create its own infrastructure that is to build a "clean workshop".

"The advantage of this establishment will be an increase of the skill level of engineers and programmers. This is very important since it is Azerbaijani programmer who know well what is necessary for the Azerbaijani users," Sleptsov added.

When deploying a production capacity, it is important to be ready for large orders, as the production requires a labor force, the number of them can be hundreds, and as of a software component, it may need thousands specialists, he said.

Azerbaijan has integrating companies that have deep experiences in both domestic market and abroad. By a successful use of their experiences, Intel specialist said, the country can reach the international markets.

Sleptsov pointed to an interesting issue. He said China gets only $20 extra cost with every iPhone, which costs $650. "Now the question is how we can compete with China."

Thus, the specialist said, the country must take key decisions, whether it is ready to give $20 to China or want to keep it. So it is necessary to develop education and production level of software developers, etc.

"For example, why the tablets used today by traffic police could not be produced in Azerbaijan, or why we don't produce devices that are protected against foreign attacks," he added.

This is the accumulation of enormous experiences, Sleptsov said, which will help the country to produce these products, export them to international markets and compete on a completely different level.

"Intel is ready to examine the plans of the state. I can see there are good chances as the goals Azerbaijan sets before itself, are implemented, unlike many other countries. That says a lot, namely the great possibilities making Azerbaijan an interesting partner for cooperation," he stressed.

Earlier, it was reported that Azerbaijan is set to produce computers for children and computer equipment for international companies.

Intel Corporation, a US multinational corporation, will establish production of children's computers (Classmate PC), intended for schoolchildren, Vice-President of Intel John Davis said on December 1.

"These manufacturing facilities are now operating in Argentina, Portugal, several countries of Africa. It is possible that this type of plants will also start functioning in Azerbaijan," Davis noted.

The vice-president said for the implementation of this project it is necessary to cooperate with local producers and learn more about the local channels.

Moreover, Acer Inc., Taiwan-based multinational hardware and Electronics Corporation will start manufacturing computer equipment in Azerbaijan.

Today, Azerbaijan is working with KUR Mingachevir Plant for computer equipment production.

Source: AzerNews

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