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Azerbaijan Introduces BOT Model on Investment Construction and Infrastructure Projects

Azerbaijan is introducing model BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) on construction and infrastructure projects - the parliamentarians are passing in first reading a bill on implementation of an investment construction and infrastructure projects to receive special financing.

When presenting the document, Ziyad Samedzadeh, the chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry & Entrepreneurship, has stated that the bill was introduced by the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan.

"The bill aims to improve the investment environment to further drawing of foreign investors to construction and infrastructure projects of state importance," he added.

The draft law says of the application of BOT model in the construction of bridges, tunnels, water and sewage systems, tourist facilities, education centers, health and cultural facilities. BOT contracts can be concluded for the construction of commercial buildings, wholesale markets, factories and industrial sites, sports centers, hostels, industrial, technological and agricultural parks. The BOT scheme covers the creation of reserves, supply depots, companies on electricity generation, distribution and sale, highways and railways, bus station complexes, logistics centres, underground and surface parking lots, metro lines and stations, special economic zones, ports and airports, port facilities for yachts and passenger transportation. The bill allows the BOT contract for a term of 49 years.

Under the bill, the project can be repurchased from the investor for state needs with coverage of all costs, including expected revenues from the project.

Source: Azerbaijan Business Center
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