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Azerbaijan Leads CIS in Capital Investment Growth

Azerbaijan outstripped the other countries of the CIS, including Russia, in terms of the increase in capital investment in 2010.

Azerbaijan had the largest growth in major capital investments from all financial sources last year, according to figures from the CIS Statistical Committee.

Capital investment in Azerbaijan in 2010 grew 21.2%, compared with 2009.

Moldova had the second highest growth (17%) and Belarus the third (16.6%). They are followed by Turkmenistan (14.5%), Tajikistan (11.5%), Uzbekistan (9.2%) and Russia (6%).

Other countries posted a decline: investment fell 0.5% in Kazakhstan, 3.3% in Armenia, 2% in Ukraine and 9.8% in Kyrgyzstan.

Overall, the CIS experienced a 0.2% fall in investment last year.

Investments from all financial sources in Azerbaijan totaled AZN 9.7bn in 2010, a 21.2% increase compared to 2009, according to figures from the State Statistical Committee.

Source: News.az

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