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Azerbaijan's Trade Surplus Tops $10 Billion

Azerbaijan's oil driven economy had a foreign trade surplus of $10.3 billion in the first seven months of the year.

Trade overall in January to July was worth $20.6 billion, according to figures from the State Customs Committee.

Exports increased almost 29 percent since late July to stand at $15.5 billion, while imports increased almost 47 percent to stand at $5.14 billion.

During the reporting period, the vast majority of exports â€" almost $15 billion - were made by the state sector, which dominates the oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan.

The private sector accounted for $614 million worth of exports, while individuals accounted for $89 million.

The private sector had the larger share of imports, however - $3 billion. The state sector made $1.8 billion worth of imports while individuals accounted for $244 million in imports.

Source: News.Az

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