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Azerbaijan Airlines Orders 767-300ER Blended Winglets

/PRNewswire/ -- Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) today announced Closed Joint Stock Company Azerbaijan Hava Yollari (Azerbaijan Airlines) has ordered Blended Winglets for its new Boeing 767-300ER and -300Fs.  Azerbaijan Airlines will have the winglets installed at Delta Tech Ops in Atlanta, GA immediately after taking delivery of these new airplanes from Boeing in Everett, WA.  Additionally, one airplane, already in-service, will be modified by MNG Technic in Istanbul, Turkey.  All four Blended Winglet installations are planned to be completed by 3rd quarter 2012.  The 767-300ER airplanes will be operated by Azerbaijan Airlines and the 767-300F's by Silk Way Airlines in freighter operations throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Blended Winglet technology installed on a Boeing 767-300ER/F reduces fuel burn by up to 500,000 gallons per aircraft per year while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by over 5,000 tons per year.  Blended Winglets can also extend the range of a Boeing 767-300ER/F by as much as 320 nautical miles, or increase the payload of the aircraft by as much as 16,000 pounds. APB estimates that Blended Winglets have saved airlines worldwide more than 3.0 billion gallons of jet fuel to-date.

"Blended Winglets will provide Azerbaijan Airlines the payload/range benefits to enhance operational capability on its existing route structure and potentially open new market opportunities," says Christopher Stafford, Aviation Partners Boeing Director of Sales & Marketing. "Given the current market, and the tough financial conditions air carriers are operating under today, this important order showcases the outstanding value of APB's performance enhancing technology."

Over 4,700 Blended Winglet Systems are now in service on Boeing 737's, 757's, and 767's with more than 160 airlines in over 80 countries.  Since certification in 2009, APB has taken orders (firm and options) for 379 Boeing 767-300ER/F Blended Winglet systems.

Aviation Partners Boeing is a Seattle based joint venture of Aviation Partners, Inc. and The Boeing Company. 

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