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Oil & Gas Refinery to be Fully Operational in 2020

The Oil Gas Processing & Petrochemical Complex near Baku will be commissioned on a phased basis between 2017 and 2020, a SOCAR official has said.

Shamil Hakimov, deputy head of SOCAR's oil and gas and petrochemical project department, told a forum on the new complex that the gas processing plant would be the first to come on stream,Gun.Az reported.

"The complex will consist of an oil refinery, gas processing plant, petrochemical plant and power plant. The complex will be realized stage by stage. The first stage envisages speeding up work on the gas processing plant," Hakimov said.

The gas processing plant will be commissioned in 2017 with the complex being fully ready in 2020.

Hakimov said the gas processing plant would have an annual capacity of 10bn cubic metres with plans to increase future capacity up to 15bn cubic metres.

The oil refinery will be capable of processing 10m tonnes of crude oil per year.

"Some 70% of feedstock will come from the Shirvan, Oil Rocks and Surakhani fields, while 30% will be Azeri Light. Additional feedstock is also considered for the plant. This also includes Russian and Kazakh oil," Hakimov said. 

Source: News.Az

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