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Hillary Clinton Underscores Importance of Energy Security

During her recent speech at Georgetown University, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighted the great significance of the Southern Corridor project.

"There is natural gas in the Caspian Sea and in Central Asia," Clinton said. "They would like to sell it, and Europe would like to buy it. But first of all they have to build pipelines. This is the aim of the project called the Southern Corridor, which will extend across the European continent. The United States has been the active partner for all its participants in order to bring this project to the stage of implementation."

Clinton underscored the importance of breaking up energy monopolies. Such monopolies can lead to national security threats if one nation relies too much on a single source for its supply. For this reason, energy security is a high priority on a global scale.

"It's not just a matter of economic competition, as important as that is," Clinton noted, "it's also a matter of national and international security."

Source: APA

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