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Azerbaijan Seeks to Further Facilitate Trade

The Azeriterminalkompleks association under the Azerbaijani State Customs Committee has signed a cooperation agreement with the Swedish group Border Services KGH.

The signing took place in Baku during a meeting among the State Customs Committee's head, Aydin Aliyev; the former director of the World Customs Organization Capacity Building Director, Lars Karlsson; and the executive director of the Border Services KGH, Patrick Heyness.

During the meeting, Aliyev noted that the Azerbaijani Customs Committee currently has a legal and material-technical base complying with international standards, a modern infrastructure and up-to-date information and communication technologies. In order to facilitate trade, an automated information system to improve supply management has also been established.

"Besides expanding international relations, this will contribute to the formation of the state budget revenues and robust economic security of the country," Aliyev added.

Karlsson praised the positive trend in developing customs service in Azerbaijan, noting that the country is an example in the region in this regard.

Source: Trend

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