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Azerbaijan Held Presidential Elections

Presidential elections were held in Azerbaijan on Wednesday, October 9. The release of the official vote counts announced Ilham Aliyev victory with 84.6 percent of the recorded ballots.

Top U.S. officials continue to congratulate Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev as he claimed a landslide win.

Congressman Henry Cuellar said: "I congratulate you on your re-election as President of Azerbaijan. This is a great opportunity for the people of Azerbaijan to strengthen civil participation and civic engagement. Our nations work together to prevent the spread of extremism and promote tolerance and prosperity globally." "The United States and Azerbaijan share many values, including a vision for greater diversity and tolerance as well as respect for minorities and gender rights. We recognize that these fundamental building blocks for any democratic system have deep roots in the Azerbaijani society."

Steven H. Cymbrowitz, Member of the Assembly, State of New York, said: "Dear President Aliyev, please accept my heartfelt congratulations to you on your successful re-election. The residents of Azerbaijan are fortunate to have a president with a proven record of strong leadership and a clearly defined vision for your nation's future."

Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham from New Mexico in her letter congratulated President Aliyev with the victory, which was an important stage towards strengthening civil society institutions, "I hope that during the next presidential term, you will continue the cooperation in protecting and consolidating the interests of our countries regarding regional stability, energy security, economic development and democratic values. I believe that Azerbaijan and the US will become stronger allies under your leadership."

Member of the US Congress Gene Green in his letter said that the re-election of Aliyev is the confirmation of stability, security and prosperity bestowed to the Azerbaijani people, "On behalf of the 29th Texas constituency, we thank you for your wise leadership. Azerbaijan's contributions to the development of the Caspian region and Western Asia are commendable. I hope that as a young democratic country, Azerbaijan will continue carrying out successful reforms and increase the protection of human rights."

Another US Congressman Leonard Lance in his letter of congratulation said that national elections are an integral part of democratization and an achievement that the Azerbaijani people should be proud of, "With your support, we have done a lot in combating the spread of extremism. Azerbaijan is a leader country in the issue of European energy security. I wish you success in the supreme post and express my interest in continuation of our cooperation."

Senator Roger Wicker began his letter with congratulating Aliyev with the re-election to the post of Azerbaijani President, "Over the last ten decades, the United States and Azerbaijan have built strategic and dynamic partnership relations. We share many common goals and interests. One of the main among them is global and regional security. The United States is lucky to have such an ally as Azerbaijan in the Caspian region. I hope that our common interests will increase further in coming years."

Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez after congratulating President Aliyev noted in her letter that there is a strong partnership between the US and Azerbaijan based on common strategic interests, "And I hope that our relations will move further with your endeavours. We should continue working together in important issues for the sake of the welfare of our peoples."

Oklahoma State Governor Mary Fallin also sent a letter of congratulation to the Azerbaijani president, in which she said, "Dear President Aliyev, accept my congratulations with your re-election as President of Azerbaijan. I wish you all the best in the new term of leadership. We are proud of the National Guard State Partnership Program and developed strong relations between Oklahoma State and Azerbaijan. We are interested in further expansion of these relations. We appreciate Azerbaijan's important role in developing regional security and stability. I hope that your public duty will be successful and fruitful."

Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Bill Gibbons in his letter said, "Dear President Aliyev, I congratulate you with the re-election to presidency. During the visit to Azerbaijan in June as a member of the Tennessee delegation, I witnessed the growing economy of our country and its importance for the future of Europe. I hope that our countries will have long-term business friendship relations."

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