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2014 Announced ‘Year of Industry’ in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree declaring 2014 the "Year of the Industry."

As in all areas of economy in Azerbaijan, great success has been achieved in development of industry over the last ten years and industrial output has increased 2.7 times. Numerous projects have been implemented to create competitive and modern industrial areas and improve infrastructure in the sphere of industry, new jobs were created and industry in the country stepped into a new stage of development.

Given modern challenges and new initiatives at current stage, it needs to take certain measures, to utilize current natural and economic resources, to create new priority production areas and industrial parks along with traditional ones, to consolidate industrial potential of the regions of the country and create opportunities to let the industry develop based on innovations in order to modernize industry and diversify non-oil sector.

The President instructed the Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan to prepare a plan of action related to declaration of 2014 "the Year of Industry" within a month and submit it to the President of Azerbaijan in order to accelerate industrialization of national economy and make more efficient use of current potential to turn Azerbaijan into a strong industrial center.

The Cabinet of Ministers is instructed to prepare a draft "State program on development of the industry in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2015-2020" in three months and submit it to the Head of State.

Source: News.Az

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