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Famous British Traveler Shares His Impressions of Meeting with President of Azerbaijan

Famous British explorer Paul Steele shared in his official blog impressions of a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev during a visit to the Shahdagh winter and summer tourism complex.

As Steele said,"it isn't every day you meet a President... and it was not what I woke up expecting either."

Paul Steele is a hiker from northern England, UK. He covers the most amazing places all over the world, exploring various countries, which are not constantly in the spotlight, and presents them through the social media, and on his own blog.

As a reporter, Steele has been working for Huffington Post, and he also cooperated with Land Rover and British Airways companies. The Daily Mail has even named Paul as the "world's most influential travel writer."

President Ilham Aliyev visited Shahdagh to participate in the opening of the Pik Palace hotel.

Steele said the meeting did give him chance to ask for the head of state's own view on why people should visit Azerbaijan.

"The President reminded me of some great experiences I have had but also reminded me of much more that I have yet to see and why the country in travel and tourism term offers variety beyond many other countries," the traveller said.

Steele stressed that proud of what the people and country can show to travellers he smiled and talked about just some of things that always appeal.

Azerbaijan has 9 of the 11 climate zones, from the snow topped mountains of the north to the beaches by Baku by the Caspian Sea.

"The variety to see in landscape and culture is remarkable," Steele said.

The traveller also stressed the fact that hotels are now appearing up and down the country, not just Baku, that allow the country and culture to be seen and experienced.

"I who have travelled here three times and seen a lot, want to see much more and soon," Steele stressed.

Further Steele writes about his meeting with Marc Ehler, the Managing Director of Pasha Hotels. Steele described him as an extremely interesting person, a true wise man in the tourism sector.

"We reached total agreement that Azerbaijan really should be seen and experienced by people from all over the world," Steele said.

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