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Southern Gas Corridor's Role in Transporting Azerbaijani Gas in Focus of U.S.

U.S. Department of State's Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs Carlos Pascual gave a presentation at the Atlantic Council on "Crisis in Ukraine: Energy Factor".

In his speech, Pascual underlined the role of the Southern Gas Corridor in transportation of the Azerbaijani gas to Southern Europe and ensuring energy security.

The gas which to be produced at the second stage of Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz field development will be the main source of the Southern Gas Corridor, which envisages the transportation of the Caspian gas to European markets.

The Shah Deniz consortium announced the selection of TAP as the main route for transporting its gas to Europe in late June. Nabucco West was an alternative pipeline competing for Azerbaijan's gas transportation to Europe.

Pascual also informed the participants about the gas supply disruptions in Europe, legal aspects impeding sale of imported gas to the third countries and shortcomings in the Europe's energy security.

Europe began to make decisions to prevent the use of gas supply as the political pressure, Pascual noted.

On the importance of the liquid petroleum gas supply to Europe, the envoy said Europe's demand is 45 billion cubic meters of liquid gas but this volume is going to rise in the future.


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