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Successful Track Record

The internship program has proven highly successful throughout its existence and has graduated many young individuals who have returned to Azerbaijan to make an important difference in their local communities.

Listed below are some of the alumni of the USACC internship program:

Ms. Hanum Azizova, upon completion of the internship in 2002, joined McDermott International Contractors in Baku as a procurement specialist. She has since joined the Human Resources department of BP's commercial team. In addition, Ms. Azizova served as the President of Rotaract Club of Azerbaijan, a service-oriented youth group which works to improve lives of the people in their communities. Through Rotaract, Ms. Azizova has helped organize fundraising activities for orphanages, children's hospital, and schools for refugee children in Azerbaijan. Thanks to her leadership and proactive efforts, she has inspired many of her young peers at work to become active participants of these vital community projects.

Ms. Minai Massimova completed the USACC internship in 2002 and joined McDermott International Contractors as a specialist in the IT Department. In addition, Ms. Massimova worked with a group of international tourism experts who were designing a Tourism Strategy for Azerbaijan. Ms. Massimova currently works as a Sales Manager for Holiday Inn Group in Azerbaijan. She is also the current President of Rotaract Club of Azerbaijan.

Ms. Farida Aslanova completed the internship program in 2003. Before the internship, Ms. Aslanova worked at the Baku office of Masterword International a translation company. Ms. Aslanova has been promoted and is currently working as a Division Manager at Masterword International in their headquarters office in Houston, TX.

Ms. Almaz Ahmadova completed the internship program in 2004. Upon her return to Azerbaijan, she worked for Baku office of World Vision, an international non-profit organization where she managed the educational program. Ms. Ahmadova is now continuing her studies at the Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Emin Hajiyev completed the internship program in 2004. Previously he worked at the UNDP office in Baku as a programs coordinator. Upon completion of the internship, Mr. Hajiyev joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. He worked as a team leader for communications and IT needs of the newly established training center for the Ministry.

Mr. Mahir Iskender completed the internship program in 2006. He has since been promoted to the Executive Director position at the USACC. Prior to USACC, he worked at the Baku office of American Councils, overlooking educational exchange programs for Azerbaijani high school students. Mr. Iskender has extensive background in journalism and worked for several prominent Western media organizations in Baku. He is the founder of BakuToday.net - first English-language online newspaper in Azerbaijan.

Mr. Javid Mammadov completed the internship program in 2005. Upon completion, he was hired as a Projects Coordinator and later promoted to USACC Representative in Azerbaijan. He departed USACC in 2008 and currently works as Operations Analyst for the Azerbaijan Business Enabling Environment Project at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Javid is also a member of the Board of Directors of US-educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association.

Ms. Aynura Huseynova completed the internship program in 2007. She is currently working at the newly established Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA). Prior to the start of the internship program, she worked for Caspian Business Consulting where she interpreted/translated for various international projects. She also worked with Azerbaijan International magazine in various positions, including editorial assistant, webmaster and admin coordinator.

Ms. Turan Mammadova completed the internship program in 2007. She is currently working as Human Resources and Administration Manager at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA). Prior to the start of the internship program, she worked as an Executive Director at the US-educated Azerbaijan Alumni Association (AAA) where she was responsible for organizing events, monthly activities and communication with the members of the organization.

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